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All No Fee NYC Apartments. One Website

From luxury buildings to walk-ups, RENT BETTA connects you with NYC leasing offices so you can easily rent an apartment with no broker fee

Not all of these companies post on Streeteasy (which is filled with fake listings)

See more apartments you can rent without paying a broker fee, and fewer fake listings, on RENT BETTA

No Brokers, and No BS

Has a broker ever refused to show you an apartment?

It was probably a fake or bait-and-switch listing, and Streeteasy and Craigslist are full of them

We only show apartments provided by building owners, not brokers, so you don't waste time on fake listings

We have all live listings, updated daily, and directly from building owners

Easily Book a Tour and Apply Without Paying a Broker Fee

Sign Up to book a tour and apply for any apartment directly with the building owner

Each leasing office works a little differently, so we'll connect you by link or email

Every listing has Next Steps and Closing Tips that guide you through how to tour and apply

You'll always be connected directly to the building owner, and never have to work through a broker

Get the Best Deal Possible

If you see a "no fee" apartment with a broker, it may have a hidden fee

Landlords sometimes offer concessions like a free month of rent when the market is soft, which brokers take as their fee

On RENT BETTA, you keep any direct concessions offered by the landlord, so you get the best deal possible

We Help Renters

Our Story

We are a project by renters who realized there had to be a better way to rent an apartment in NYC, and built it

We put all no fee apartments (and zero fake listings) on one website, so you can easily rent a no fee apartment in NYC

No brokers, no broker fees, and no BS. That's RENT BETTA

And yes, it's totally free

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